Author Matthew Fitzsimmons

“[A] romp of a science-fiction thriller…”
The New York Times



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A breakthrough in human cloning becomes one woman’s waking nightmare in a mind-bending thriller by the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of the Gibson Vaughn series.

“What a book! Like all the best speculative fiction, FitzSimmons’ compelling thriller Constance takes elements of real science and spins them up into a novel and terrifying premise.”
—Blake Crouch, NYT bestselling author

Constance is a blistering, balletic read—silky-smooth world-building that effortlessly grounds a wonderful, harrowing tale of mystery, suspense, identity, friendship, and redemption.”
—Greg Rucka, NYT bestselling author

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The Gibson Vaughn Series

Matthew FitzSimmons, an American boy from Illinois, grew up in London in the 1970s under the baleful eye of the Kings Road punks. His otherwise idyllic childhood was shattered by the traumatic experience of seeing Star Wars on December 27, 1977 in Leicester Square, listening to his father sleep through what was clearly the greatest cinematic achievement of all time, and fearing he was adopted.