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matthew fitzsimmons

The Gibson Vaughn Series

The Short Drop
Cold Harbor


"In FitzSimmons's action-packed third Gibson Vaughn thriller... fans of deep, dark government conspiracies will keep turning the pages to see how it all turns out."
   —Publishers Weekly on Cold Harbor

"Cold Harbor interweaves two classic American tropes: the solitary prisoner, imprisoned for who knows what; and the American loner, determined to rectify the injustices perpetrated on him. It's a page-turner that keeps the reader wondering—and looking forward to Gibson Vaughn #4."
   —Criminal Element on Cold Harbor (read the full review)

"There are so many layers and twists to Cold Harbor.... Fitzsimmons masterfully fits together the myriad pieces of Gibson Vaughn's past like a high-quality Springbok puzzle."
   —Crimespree Magazine on Cold Harbor (read the full review)

"Cold Harbor... kicks ass just as much as the first one did. Why isn't this guy famous yet? Cold Harbor is FitzSimmons firing on all cylinders, and it proves once again that he is a writer with tremendous talent, and that Gibson is a character I can't get enough of.... This is a fantastic series, and this is a writer you need to read if you like this genre. Believe me, you'll want to read him now, so you can look totally cool when he hits the big time—which I hope happens soon."
   —It's Either Sadness or Euphoria Blog on Cold Harbor (read the full review)

"FitzSimmons keeps his readers holding their breath as they wait to see what Gibson does next. Cold Harbor delivers a thought provoking ending. FitzSimmons' book is a must read and earns a five-star ranking."
   —Comfy Chair Books Blog on Cold Harbor (read the full review)

"FitzSimmons's complicated hero leaps off the page with intensity and good intentions, while a byzantine plot hums along, ensnaring characters into a tightening web of greed, betrayal, and violent death."
   —Publishers Weekly on Poisonfeather (read the full review)

"Poisonfeather is a high stakes thriller that kept me guessing until quite literally the last page.... FitzSimmons clearly has a way with words;... The descriptions of everything from the setting to the internal monologue of the characters is in a nutshell, perfection.... True to what seems to be his signature move, FitzSimmons manages to take a cast of seemingly unrelated characters and slowly weave them together until the bombshell of an ending. His books, while intriguing and thrilling, are something to be savored and studied while experiencing the journey alongside his wacky cast of characters. Once again I'm left twiddling my thumbs wondering how to pass the time until the next book is written because DANG IT FITZSIMMONS you do this everytime!"
   —The Suspense is Thrilling Me on Poisonfeather (read the full review)

Poisonfeather was a pleasure to read from front to back.... This is a top-level mystery/thriller."
   —Brandywine Books on Poisonfeather (read the full review)

2017 Audie Award Nominee

"...live-wire debut...Hang on and enjoy the ride."
   —People Magazine on The Short Drop

"[W]hat makes a thriller a thriller is putting good people in jeopardy, and FitzSimmons has come up with a doozy of a sociopath."
   —The Washington Post on The Short Drop (read the full review)

"Writing with swift efficiency, FitzSimmons shows why the stakes are high, the heroes suitably tarnished, and the bad guys a pleasure to foil."
   —Kirkus Reviews on The Short Drop

"This is a hell of a debut.... There are a lot of moving parts in this complicated story, but FitzSimmons keeps those parts moving with such grace that it seems effortless. And the way those parts all come together will leave you breathless."
   —Crimespree Magazine on The Short Drop (read the full review)

"Beyond exceptional. Matthew FitzSimmons is the real deal."
   —Andrew Peterson, author of the bestselling Nathan McBride series, on The Short Drop

"The Short Drop is an adrenaline fueled thriller that has it all—political intrigue, murder and suspense. Matthew FitzSimmons weaves a clever plot and deftly leads the reader on a rapid ride to an explosive end."
   —Robert Dugoni, bestselling author of My Sister's Grave, on The Short Drop